Down to Earth

A 180-mintue aleatoric sound piece using vocals and pickup truck. Sounds produced by the larynx are filtered through the vocal tract, and controlled by the bilateral supplementary motor area, the left posterior inferior frontal gyrus, the left insula, and the left primary motor cortex and temporal cortex, which function according to signals from the rest of the brain, which has been structured according to physical processes set into motion at the beginning of time. The resulting sounds superficially resemble human speech in the form of an emotionally unstable rant while driving on the highway. The original audio cassettes were sealed inside a wax sculpture, later to be broken out of the sculpture and played as part of the "You Don't Have to Come" installation at Skylab Gallery. An edited, 120-mintue version is available in an edition of 50 double cassettes. It is 20usd plus shipping, and comes with a full money-back garauntee to propel the listener toward further self-realization. To order, e-mail .